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With more than 650,000 residents, Austin is a large and prominent city in the state of Texas, on the southern side of the United States. Austin is split into several areas of importance, including Congress Avenue, which is the city's main thoroughfare, running through the heart of Austin, with the Austin State Capitol building standing at the northern end.

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Other notable areas in the city of Austin include Guadalupe Street, which is often known locally as 'The Drag', and connects the university and Town Lake. High concentrations of restaurants and eateries can be found in this trendy part of Austin, together with a selection of fashion boutiques.

East Sixth Street is a further vibrant district and covers a large area of around ten blocks of restaurants, shops, businesses and live entertainment venues. This district also offers good shopping opportunities and is one of the most appealing areas of Austin. Also worth a visit, Austin's Zilker district stands along the south shore of Town Lake.

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